Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site

When you are the owner of a startup, it can be difficult to be seen on the Net. To start with, you don't have the massive budgets other giants do and, therefore, you cannot advertise as much as them. That is why you need to find alternative ways to drive traffic to your site and this is how:
Facebook remarketing
This day and age, marketing has much to do with Facebook. Social media allows you to access a huge market and reach the audience you want. Whether you are in the B2B or B2C industry, Facebook is an excellent promotion tool. It allow you to set up remarketing audiences by installing a Facebook tracking pixel on your site, which allows you to market to customers who have visited your site; in other words, it allows you to reach potential customers who have already expressed their interest in your product. This is a great way to create return traffic to your business blog or website.
Facebook email custom audiences
With Facebook, you can reuse that email list of your customers. Upload that list into Facebook and capture the social accounts of anyone that has their email address attached to it. With this feature, you can reach those users directly on their mobile devices.
Twitter remarketing
Similarly to Facebook, you just have to install the pixel and then target your sites visitors on Twitter. The only difference is that to start advertising with Twitter, you'll need a higher minimum of audience.
Ad's headline
Most people will only read the headline of your ad, so you should be focusing on making your headline the best you can. Your headline is your ticket to grab your audiences' attention and persuade them to visit your site.
Build an email list
You can also use emails for social promotion. A way to do this is by emailing newsletters. Make sure that you have a newsletter opt-in on your website.
This is a great way to drive traffic to your site. Just make sure you have a link on your site that will drive your audience to your website. Don't forget to promote your blog on social media, as you won't get traffic on your website from your blog if nobody knows your blog to start with. You should have a campaign constantly running that is featuring your blog posts and that is aimed at your custom audience.
Optimize your site for SEO
Use a software like SEMrush to give you a complete SEO audit and show you what you should fix. You should optimize your site as much as possible for the search engine robots that will be all over your website.
Exchange blog posts with other sites
Find other blogs in similar industries as yours, then reach out to the administrators and ask them if they would like to swap blog posts so you can reach more audience.
Automate your emails
Most companies work with marketing automation. If you think this is too expensive for you, you can opt for lower cost marketing automation platforms such as Autopilot and Hatchbuck.
You should have email campaigns set up for everything, so once you have your software set up, they are ready to go. You should have an automated email campaign when someone fills out a form, downloads more content or signs up for the newsletter. If you keep reaching out to your customers via email, you'll continue to drive relevant traffic to your site.
Become a contributor
Just like swapping blog posts, contributing to other websites is a great way to drive traffic to your site. Every time you contribute, make sure that you mention your website, so readers will know where to find you once they've read your post. This is a great way to reach a larger audience. The more you contribute, the larger audience you'll reach. You also need to improve your writing skills to get audiences interested in what you are selling. Just keep writing and you'll get better with practice.
Host a webinar or webcast
You may have been invited to a “healthy lifestyle” webinar by one of your friends recently. Webinars or webcasts are fashionable at the moment and they are a great way to reach an audience and convince them they should buy your product. It allows you to showcase it by creating a fun and engaging presentation, and it's interactive: they can ask questions and you can answer them in real time. This is a good way to make an impression on them. They are also able to invite others.


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