Sailing the Seas with Crystal Cruise

Sailing the Seas with Crystal Cruise to Explore the Horizons! When one thinks of the best luxury ship cruise, what comes to mind?
Right off the bat, Crystal Cruises should be the first on your list. With an impressive range of cruise ships, which cover pretty much the entire globe, you are spoilt for choice. From South America to the South Pacific, from Canada to Europe, the Crystal Cruises are a global phenomenon.
Offering the best in luxury accommodation and entertainment, you could not wish for better. Think Love Boat and then multiply that by 100. And Love Boat was impressive enough back in the day.
Northwest Passage Just recently, they let the cat out the bag with their newest venture into the Northwest Passage. This entails, what was once, one of the most impossible routes to navigate. What with the ice that covers the entire Arctic Ocean the entire year, this Northwest Passage has been a trip not for the faint-hearted, but one that many wished they could make.
Crystal Cruises was one of the first to announce their trip into the Northwest Passage for 2016. So, if this has been on your bucket list for ages, don your heavy-duty parker, mittens and warm earmuffs, because your lucky day is arriving soon!
New World Trip Announced Further, they have announced another world trip that will stun all frequent travellers. Since the S.S. United States cruise liner has been undergoing extensive work to get her up to speed like her counterpart S.S. Norway, the Crystal Serenity has stepped up to the plate.
America is in for a global treat! New cruises have been announced for 2019, which will begin in Los Angeles, follow through to the Australian coastline and edge its way around to the beautiful African continent.
Crystal Cruises are mapping out a world trip of note here! Further, on their voyage, they will touch on New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii and Fanning Island. In addition, they will cross the Indian Ocean and stop over in Mauritius and Reunion Island.
Not to miss all that Africa offers, the cruise ship will dock in the ports of South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia and Madagascar.
Eventually, after an 84-day expedition, the Crystal Serenity will dock in Monte Carlo for their last stop.
What a trip! So, now, you are wondering what this impressive world cruise will set you back? Well, sit down, take a deep breath and prepare yourself.
The full world cruise starts off at a whopping $26,285 per person and this does not include taxes, port charges and other fees.
You can, if you are not able to or don't want embark on the full journey, hook up with the ship mid-cruise.The shorter segmented journeys will be announced shortly.
If you're too impatient to wait for 2019, Crystal will be announcing, again, two world cruises to take place in 2018, on the Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity.
So, you can see, there are plenty of options for all here because Crystal Cruise doesn't disappoint.


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