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Nowadays it is not strange to become a freelancer. In fact, the digital nomad lifestyle keeps growing. Indeed, freelancers make up 35 percent of the U.S. workforce. People who work off-site are in demand since they help companies meet their business goals. Freelancers are useful for companies as they don't require contracts that other employees do. Besides, they are hired for project, which maximizes their productivity. They are not getting paid per hour, out of which they might spend time on social media, and they are not paid for holidays or sick leave.

Whether you are looking for another source of income, more professional development opportunities or like the freedom freelancing offers, you just need to get out there and find these opportunities to start earning money.
If you are wondering where to find these opportunities, here's a list of websites where you can find freelance job opportunities. Before you shop around these websites, try to establish a portfolio of past work.
With over 1.5 million clients, Upwork is the most popular freelance job site on the Internet today. From short to long-term projects, hourly or per project work, and both expert-level and entry-level projects, the website suits everyone regardless of where they are in their career. When you first start out, they take a 20% part of your earnings, but this will decrease as you get more experience.
This is a great website for beginners as it allows you to make a profile right away and gives you payment protection. Upwork has been praised for representing the ultimate informal workplace communication, employing social media tools and cloud-based applications to encourage productivity. This reduces search friction, maximizes productivity and efficiency, and, therefore, benefits the economy as a whole.
Also highly popular, Guru is a good alternative to Upwork as it doesn't charge you Upwork's high service fees. Over a million freelancers use this platform to find both fixed and hourly jobs. They just post their profile and the website has a feature that matches new job opportunities with your experience and what you are looking for.
Apart from allowing you to apply to freelance jobs, Freelancer also features contests for freelancers to compete and prove their skills. Although the website is relatively new, it already has a huge base of users; as there are so many customers and clients, it is an excellent place to showcase your abilities and get more jobs.
Unlike the other websites, Toptal targets seasoned freelancers. Even though the website has a meticulous screening process, once you pass it, you get access to meaning projects with huge clients (including JPMorgan, Zendesk, Airbnb, etc) and fair compensation (no low-bid contests).
We Work Remotely
This is the ultimate job board for freelancers. Jobs include customer service, programming and more. Despite offering jobs in all areas - which traditionally require an office - the website showcases freelance jobs only.
Onsite is an invite-only platform that requires you to provide work examples to be considered for admission. Once you are in, however, you'll have access to a large marketplace of fantastic freelance opportunities.
This platform allows its users to submit a project idea they want to take off. The website then assigns a project manager and matches them with “experts” to make it happen. The site allows you become one of these “experts” and benefit from the job opportunities.
You might have seen Indeed while searching for a job. The reason why Indeed is all over the place is because the site compiles data from job opportunities around the Internet all in one place. The website's reach is so massive, you might be able to get over a thousand job opportunities on one go.
With that name, you already know they kept freelancers in mind when they built this platform. The site allows you to set up your profile, set your rates and apply for job postings on the sites.
Skip the Drive
The database includes remote and telecommute jobs in business, accounting, web development, human resources, customer service, engineering and more.
Working Nomads
The site offers a list of freelance jobs that get sent straight to your inbox. They had freelancers in mind when they built this website so everything you find on its database will be relevant to you.


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